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About the Council 
Arab Council for Operations and Maintenance (OMAINTEC) was established during 3rd International Conference for Operations and Maintenance in the Arab Countries, held in June 2004 at Beirut, in view of realizing the aspirations and recommendations of the participants of the International O&M Conference in the Arab Countries to build an Arab entity (as a non-profitable organization) who would establish a mechanism to organize and standardize the Best Practices, norms and procedures of O&M in the Arab Countries. OMAINTEC is one of the fastest growing and most admired O&M development institute among the Arab World. The OMAINTEC aims to raise the O&M standards, Best Practices and Procedures/norms in the Arab Countries to global levels by setting benchmarks for O&M industry to follow.

OMAINTEC is a diversified O&M Arab-conglomerate with specialization in enhancing the scientific knowledge, transfer of knowhow and technology, management skills and Best Practices, share the improvement opportunities, organize scientific and professional meetings, workshops, establish the communication links between the public and private sector, enhance, arrange and recommend the Best Practices, conduct professional trainings activities and professional Certifications for the Management, Supervisory and Technician level, publish the scientific papers and provide the consultation services in accordance with the professional and  State of the Art techniques from the developed Countries. Transforming challenges into opportunities has been the hallmark of the OMAINTEC, ever since its inception.

Recently, OMAINTEC as a joint venture partner has successfully accomplished a project of “Survey and Study of Current Operation and Maintenance Works Status of Government Facilities” as a “Project Management Organization (PMO)” for the Committee organized by Ministry of Finance Saudi Arabia named as “National Committee for Legislation and Standardization of Operation and Maintenance (NCLOM).

Establishing a mechanism to organize and standardize the practice norms of operation and maintenance practices and procedures in the Arab countries. 

  • Enhance, high light, Devolve, and publish in the Arabic language, all relevant SCIENTIFIC base, and PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE of O&M, in a Tireless, continuous measurable and specific efforts for the Development and improvement of current norms in the Arab countries.
  • Exchange of expertise and knowledge and know how between the experts of the profession whether engineers, technicians and management staff in the operation and maintenance domain in the countries.
  • To evaluate and implement relevant concepts and practice in the field of O&M, focusing on their adoption in the Arab countries to achieve enhancement and development in the O&M practice.
  • Transfer of know-how and technology, management programs, techniques and practice, from the developed countries.
  • Share success, and professional meetings, symposia and workshops in the O&M field.
  • Encourage the initiation, Authoring and Publication of articles, books and studies in the O&M domain. In addition establishing an annual rewarding mechanism to recognize individuals, institutes and projects that excelled in the O&M Professional endeavors.
  • Establish Communication links with organizations from the public and private sectors, within the region and similar ones internationally to enhance exchanged of know-how and transfer of know-how and technology in the O&M professional domain.
  • Enhance and recommend best practices in the O&M professional domain through training activities and professional certificates.
  • Recommend and adapt a standard of terminology for specifying methodologies, procedures and techniques in the O&M professional practice domain.
  • Publish publications in paper format such as magazine, periodicals, printed media and electronic format that is specialized in the O&M professional practice and targeted to primarily to Arabic speaking audience.