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The Board shall consist of fifteen members, including the Chairman.
The board members shall be of the Institute Active members and those who are specialized in the operation, maintenance and facilities management. They are chosen by election by the members of the Institute and according to the voting Regulations of the institute.

 Election of the Board Members:

  1. The nominees shall meet the following conditions:

    a. To be an Active member of the Institute.
    b. To hold the nationality of an Arab State.
    c. To have at least ten years of experience in the field of operation and maintenance or a Graduate university degree with a knowledge in the field of operation and maintenance. It is possible to accept those who have practical participation in activities related to the operation and maintenance of books, worksheets or workshops in conferences.
    d. A person who has outstanding contributions to the work related to the activities of the Institute.
    e. Be a member of local, regional and international engineering associations and bodies (at least one member in the field of operation and maintenance) or a university Graduate degree in engineering.
    f. To apply for a nomination in accordance with the nomination form and within the time specified for nomination
  2. ACTIVE  MEMBERS  who hold valid membership on the date of election can be a Nominee  for the election of the institute Board by electronic ballot in accordance with voting Regulations of the institute.
3 - The membership of the Board of the Institute the fifteen nominees who received highest number of votes, and they must be Nationals of (7) seven ARAB Countries.
4 -   Any of those who win the membership of the board of the Institute can nominate for post of Chairman of the BOARD. He shall take secret ballot among the winning members of the Council for the selection of the Chairman of the BOARD if the candidates are more than one candidate, but if there is only on NOMINEE, the candidate wins the chairmanship of the Council by acclamation.

Terms of reference of the BOARD:
The Institute Board  shall exercise the following functions:
  1. Oversee the good implementation of the Bylaws and Regulations of the Institute and take all that it deems necessary to achieve the objectives of the Institute and to improve its functioning.
  2. To give an opinion and deliberation on each issue or subjects referred by the Secretariat to the Council.
  3. Proposed appointment of the Secretary General of the Institute.
  4. The Board  may establish programs and research chairs to achieve the objectives of the Institute.
  5. The Council may accept funding and support for these programs and chairs. The Board may propose a mechanism for disbursement of programs and chairs. The membership of the Board of the Institute does not constitute burdens or financial burdens on the members of the Board
Board meetings:
  1. The Board shall hold a meeting at least every six months at the invitation of its Chairman to deliberate on subjects and issues related to the Institute. The meeting may be held outside the headquarters country.
  2. Meetings shall be regular in the presence of more than half of the members, including the president or the vice president. If the quorum is not met, the meeting shall be called back and the quorum shall be legal for the attending members, provided that the Chairman or Vice Chairman attends. The first meeting of the Board after election is considered legal upon the present elected members regardless of Quorum.
  3. The Council may convene an emergency session at the request of the Chairman or four of its members, including one of the Vice- Chairman’s, to discuss any matter or any matter of importance or any updates concerning the activities, tasks and objectives of operation and maintenance. The meeting may also be held by electronic meeting or teleconference.
  4. The Council may form specific committees to carry out tasks entrusted to it by the Council. The Council may also set up an Executive Committee of at least three members of the Council. The Chairman or Vice-Chairman shall be at least members of this Committee.
  5. The Council may delegate some of its powers or terms of reference to the Executive Committee of the Council of the Institute.
    And. When a vote is taken for any order or procedural or substantive matter, each member of the Board shall have one vote, while the Chairman shall have a casting vote in addition to his vote.
The Institute Board Session:
A. The duration of the session of the Board is (4) four calendar years
B. Without Violating the Regulation of concerning membership, membership shall be terminated by the member by a decision of the members of the Board of the Institute in relation to the following reasons:
  • If member breaches any of the duties and conditions of this system.
  • If he/she commits or executes any act or misuse of his position which constitutes a violation of the aims and purposes of the Institute.
  • If he/she fails to pay the subscription fees for a period of more than six months.
  • Absence of the member two meetings without prior excuse to the Secretariat a week before the date of the meeting and be justified
  • If he/she is unable to practice his professional duties for one year.
  • If one of the seats of the Council of the Institute for one of the reasons mentioned above or for any other reason for more than six months exceeds the remaining period of the session, this seat shall be filled by accepting  nominee who has the highest votes of those who did not win the last elections. Represented in the Council as required by these Regulations. In the event that this is not achieved, the membership of the Board shall be accepted to the holder of the highest votes of the non-winners from the State of which the membership was dropped.